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November 30, 2022

Best ways to deter a burglar

Obviously, safety is one of the most important issues we care about in our households and businesses. But how can you protect your property from burglars? These tips on how to deter a thief may come in handy!


Lock all entry points

In most households and businesses, there are plenty of entry points, especially among floor doors and windows as well as in a garage or basement. Remember that such spots are placed all around the property, not only in the front. All of them may easily become an easy way in for a burglar, especially if you don’t lock.

A popular way to protect privacy is to pay attention to windows – when it comes to basement or garage windows, professional locksmiths recommend covering them (aside from installing good sturdy locks) not to attract thieves. If you live on the ground floor, or even on the 1st floor, locksmiths recommended that you put grilles on your windows.

However, it is worth installing those that can be easily opened from the inside in case of danger.


The thief must be treated as he deserves. So why not flash bright light directly in his face? All you need to do is to ask your local locksmith about the best security lights to illuminate pathways and darker parts of your garden but also to deter burglars.

sensor light deter bulglars

Motion sensor light on a residential building

Then, you can mount a floodlight with a sensor above the terrace, for example. You can hang the other two lights on the side walls and have them connected with the first one with a power cord. When the sensor detects a human being nearby, all three floodlights will come on automatically.

Smart alarms and cameras

Unlike their predecessors, smart alarms and cameras are proactive. Thanks to smart motion sensors and smart cameras within integrated home security systems (also conjoined with the security lights), you become alerted about potential intrusion before it actually happens.

So, when you see any unwanted presence around your property, you can give the intruders a voice warning or call the police straight away. Also, you can record the faces of any suspicious individuals for future reference or for evidence.

Motion sensor light on a residential building

Smart Alarms help to deter burglar

Do not advertise you are leaving

Many people boast about their exotic holidays on social media. The thing is, thieves also go online. Many burglars do thorough research before going to “work”. Police has been warning for years: when going on vacation, do not announce it to everyone!

Do not expose your valuables

When you invite strangers to your property, it’s a good idea to put your valuables in the cupboards, just in case. It’s not about immediately accusing somebody of being a potential thief, but better be safe than sorry. Also, make sure that any valuables stores in your property cannot be seen through the windows.

If you are worried about your home or business security, want to upgrade security measures, invest in smart security solutions or simply replace or repair your old locks, do not hesitate to contact your local locksmith. Trained, professional locksmiths with a current DBS check and a Master Locksmiths Association logo are going to advise you on best options for you and your property.

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