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March 30, 2022

Garage security: Is your garage well protected?

Have you ever heard that your property is only as safe as its weakest entry point? In far too many British houses the weakest point is… the garage doors. Your lawnmower, bike, or car are far too expensive to rely on a cheap padlock in terms of garage security.

The burglars are very much aware that a lot of people do not pay as much attention to garage security as they do to home security. Valuable items stored in the garage are an easy loot, but it’s only half of the problem. Some burglars will attempt to get into your house after robbing the garage.


Your garage or shed are a perfect spot for an opportunistic burglar. A thief is likely to use the cover of darkness in order to break in and search for tools to steal… or to help him break into your house in the next turn.
Motion-activated light for your garage surroundings is always a good choice. It’s an energy-saving option which makes the burglars more exposed and very often prevents them from approaching your property in the first place.


Ask your local locksmith about garage locks and handles. Locking your garage doors is as important as locking your front door. To make sure you always lock your garage door and do not lose your precious time, it’s worth investing in a garage door remote. It is a convenient option as you may lock the garage from the inside of your car, without the need to get out. However, remember not to leave your garage door remote in the car!

For extra security, you may also go for a ground anchor called garage defender– a sturdy mechanical obstacle for a burglar. If you have a door which connects your garage with the house, remember that it must be made from reinforced steel or solid wood and have door locks installed, preferably upgraded to the latest security standards.

garage defender - garage security tips


Garage windows frequently make the interior attractive to the burglar and it’s always best not to expose your valuables. You can cover your windows from the inside with curtains, sheds, blinds, window film (even with cardboard, for a low budget option), or with frosted glass panes. Also, consider locks for your windows – locks in garage windows are as important as locks in the ground floor windows of your house.

When it comes to your valuable items, such as tools, even if they are not exposed, it’s always safer to keep them in a designated lockbox.

Garage security – going smart

Have you considered security cameras? Burglars do not want to have their facial features and other physical attributes captured and recognised, so a monitoring system is an effective and trouble-free deterrent. There is a lot of options to choose from, but you can start from a motion-activated camera which starts recording as soon as someone enters your driveway.

You may also think about integrated smart security systems which will enable you to watch your house and garage, manage your camera and lights even when you’re away. However, unplugging your garage door after closing it – when you’re away for a longer period, e.g. for holidays – might work as well, especially for older door models.

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