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December 29, 2021

How to choose a perfect door lock?

Not everybody is aware that door locks are divided into several different groups. It’s not easy to get an appropriate lock for the particular kind of doors. And it is even harder to get is fitted properly!

There are different types of doors and different kinds of locks. How to choose the right one? It all depends on the character of the premises and the level of security required.

Multipoint locks

These can be found on most uPVC and composite doors. Multipoints have several bolts which come in a form of a long “strip”. They are generally considered to give you the maximum level of security as you can get effective locking at a few points with one key only.

Night latch

Night latch is a rim lock which needs to be fitted on the surface of a door. It is operated from the exterior by a key and from the interior by a knob. This translates into both convenience and security. It comes in two types: the deadlocking one which shuts automatically, and non-deadlocking one.

Mortice lock

Mortice lock requires a pocket, called the mortice, to be cut into the surface. Mortice locks tend to be used in domestic properties and are commonly described as sash locks or deadlocks. Sash locks work by using a lock, latch & handle mechanism. These are one of the most common types of lever locks and tend to be used both for exterior and interior wooden doors. Mortice deadlocks in turn have just a key hole and a bolt.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are equipped in pins which have various lengths. Oval cylinders (used with an oval mortice lock case) and Euro cylinders, shaped like an enlarged key hole, (used with a euro mortice lock case) are the most popular ones. If you use door handles with this types of locks, you must choose the ones which are appropriately cut on the back plate to let the cylinder pass through. Alternatively, you can go for rim cylinders, designed to match standard nightlatches.

You can choose between various types of cylinders, including double cylinders (to be able to lock the door from both sides), half cylinders (popular for basement or garage doors) or key and turn cylinders (which enable you to lock the door with a key from one side and with a turn from the other). The latter are mostly used in public areas.

If you’re not a big fan of carrying your keys around, you can choose a programmable keyless lock or other smart security solutions. However, if you prefer the classics which combine the uttermost security and simplicity, contact your locksmith in order to have a mortice lock, multipoint lock and a night latch installed.

If you wish to replace your old flimsy door lock with a prefect one, it’s best to google “good locksmith near me” and contact a professional locksmith to choose the right type of lock and have the dimensions properly adjusted.  If you stay in London, contact SMR Locksmiths Ltd to get a free security quote and find a perfect lock for your property! For a free estimate and advice from your local locksmith, contact us now:

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