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February 25, 2022

How to make your property safe: tips for landlords

If you wish to avoid trouble and turn your property into a tranquil haven for your tenants to live in and enjoy, as a landlord you need to take appropriate security measures.

Professional security solutions for rental properties include locks upgraded to current standards, regular safety checks, and some less obvious issues which may save you a lot of hassle and money if considered early enough.

Change or fix your locks

You certainly don’t want your tenants to get locked out or – worse – burgled, because of an old flimsy lock! So, make sure you get in touch with professional locksmiths nearby as soon as you notice that your key is difficult to insert or gets stuck in the door lock. Does your door lock mechanism feel stiff and hard to open? A trained locksmith professional is going to give you a free quote and judge if you need to get a replacement or just a quick lock repair. Why not assign an emergency locksmith for security assistance, who will be able to show up 24/7 and respond to any questions or emergencies?

Most importantly, it is always best to contact a locksmith once you have a new tenant moving in. You can never be sure if the key to your property hasn’t been duplicated by the previous tenants, even if you trusted them completely. Remember – if you wish to replace keys or change locks to the property during the ongoing tenancy period, you need to notify your tenant in advance!

best locks for landlords

Make sure your security is up to date

High-security locks including multipoint, night latch, mortice lock, or a cylinder lock, will protect your property against burglary and give both you and your tenants peace of mind. Choosing the perfect lock is always a challenge that may be easily solved by trusted local locksmith services. It’s always worth bearing in mind that your locks must be upgraded to British Standard 3621 for best protection against forced entry techniques such as cylinder snapping. In the UK, cylinder snapping is a particularly common method. This is the reason you may prefer to avoid cheap cylinder locks and go for anti-snap locks with a mechanism which protects the internal part of the lock.

Remember about windows

Did you know that 1 in 5 burglars in the UK gets to the property through a window? Especially your ground floor windows are at risk. Ask your locksmith about the types of window security measures you can take. Among window locks, you can find UPVC keyed window locks, window latches, ventilating locks, lock pins, folding latches, sash window locks, and others.

Remember that, similarly to your door locks, window locks should be serviced and adjusted. After consulting a trustworthy locksmith with appropriate training and experience, it often turns out that the costs can be kept to a minimum.

security tips for landlords

Think about outbuilding security

A garage, a shed, or any other outbuilding may make your property more attractive to potential tenants. But have you considered how to protect a garage against burglary or what kind of locks are best for outbuildings in your garden or backyard?

Garages and sheds are extremely popular among burglars as they are often… left open by the tenants! Also, garages tend to include real treasures such as power tools. So, garage security is a must. T-bar handles, surface mounted deadlocks and ground-fitted door protectors can be easily retrofitted to existing garage doors.

Get in touch with an insurer

If it comes to the worst, it’s always best to be insured. Contact an insurer in order to find out about your options as a landlord.
Landlords’ insurance is normally a policy which covers you from financial losses connected with rental properties – it may cover the property itself as well as items in the building which belong to the landlord. However, insurers in the UK will require you to have your locks updated to the BS 3621 standard.

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