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May 26, 2021

Invest in security and save on insurance

Would you like to stay safe and get a discount on your property insurance premiums? First and foremost, you need to get Police and insurance companies approved locks installed. The more secure your locks are, the cheaper your insurance might get.


Most importantly, investing in industry approved, compliant with the BS 3621 British Standard and properly fitted locks to all of your external doors and window locks is going to ensure your property the top level of security and make you safe. Additionally, installing BS 3621 door locks may give you a cheaper insurance, or at least fulfill the very basic requirements of the insurance company. Not to mention, that investing in security will make you feel safer and greatly influence the convenience of your everyday life.

Why you need insurance approved locks.

If your locks are not compliant with your insurance company requirements, the insurer will not pay out in the event of a burglary. Every time you are about to sign a policy, remember to check what these requirements exactly are. Most insurers prefer anti-burglary, high quality locks that fit the BS3621 standard and are Kitemarked.

So, If you are wondering what to do to get the insurance payed out in case of a break in, invest in such locks. They will also most likely guarantee cheaper insurance premiums.

However, even the most experienced locksmiths in London are surprised that a lot of people tend to buy excellent, insurance companies approved locks but… they forget to lock the door as they leave home, not to mention the windows!

Remember that if you want to take advantage of any security measures taken within your property, you need to use your locks properly, i.e. lock the door and lock the windows every time you leave home. In case of a burglary, the insurer is going to find out whether the door has been locked or not.

Unfortunately, if you forget to locks your door or windows locks, the insurer is not going to pay.

What locks are recommended.

Most insurance companies will require you to have the following:

  • The five lever mortice deadlock, popularly known as the Chubb. Remember that it needs to be fitted to all external doors and ground floor windows
  • Multi point locking system – key operated, usually installed on uPVC doors; a key operated multi-point lock system. It gets fitted into the body of the door and locks into the door frame. Once you lock the door, multiple bolts engage into the door frame.
  • Rim automatic deadlatch or night latch – this kind of lock cannot be morticed into your wall and it’s simply mounted on the front door. It should be then treated as an additional security solution. However, in combination with the other
  • BS3621 approved locks, they give a maximum level of security
  • Window locks – each of your ground floor windows needs to have a key operated lock

Win-win situation.

The five lever mortice deadlock, multi point locking system, rim automatic deadlatch or a night latch and window locks are going to give you the top level of security and, providing you use them well and remember to lock the when you leave home, they will probably get you affordable insurance premium and ensure you will get compensation in case of the unhappy event of burglary.

As long as you have BS3621 standard compliant locks which have the Kitemark, you will safe on your insurance and your property is going to be much safer which will give you the peace of mind you need.

bs3621 kitemark insurance approved locks

Of course, the models, designs, brands and prices of particular types of locks may vary depending on whether you have a domestic or commercial property.

It does not matter if you are a tenant, a landlord, an Airbnb owner, an office or an apartment owner – investing in security is crucial. Still, when you make a decision to upgrade your locks to the standards approved by most insurers, you will need to contact a local locksmith.

Just google “BS 3621 locks in my area” or “insurance approved locks near me” and contact a locksmith specialist!


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