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May 30, 2022

Keeping your child safe at home

At the beginning of a school year, our children often get keys to the house. It is worth opting for solutions that will guarantee maximum safety and comfort of use.

A lot of us were latchkey kids in the past, and we know the feeling which comes with losing the keys, forgetting to close the door, or even being locked in or out of the house. Such situations happen to everyone, but they can be extremely stressful to children – also nowadays.

Today, to ensure safe access and comfort – especially for the youngsters – there is plenty of innovative solutions to choose from. Especially at the beginning of the school year, it is worth taking a closer look at them.

Latchkey kids safe at home

Do not forget about safety

Regardless of whether we live in a small studio apartment or a huge mansion with a garden – the house is our private space where we want safety – especially for our little ones.

While building a house or renovating an apartment, we often focus on aesthetic issues. There is nothing wrong with that! We want the interior to be decorated according to our taste and tailored to the personality or needs of the household members. However, between shopping, planning the colour of the walls, and selecting accessories, we tend to forget about safety or postpone such crucial steps as calling the local locksmith. Meanwhile, a properly selected, solid entrance door equipped with an anti-burglary lock is a must and a priority.

Are your locks up to the task?

Make sure that locks in your main door are upgraded to the latest security standards. This is both due to the safety of your family and to convenience: a new, good quality lock installed or upgraded by a professional locksmith will give you peace of mind as you can be sure that your child doesn’t snap the key or end up locked out.

bs3621 standard lock

If you’re not sure about your children’s security at home in terms of getting in and out, get in touch with a professional local locksmith for a free security survey. A trained locksmith will advise you on the best options for you and your family, taking into account the risks in your particular neighborhood. Also, ask your locksmith to make key duplicates and make sure to find an appropriate spot to hide your extra key.

Also, you might choose to install a smart home security system or at least a video camera operated through your smartphone which will let you keep an eye on the young ones even when you’re stuck at work!

Talk with your kids

Remember about the importance of teaching your children how to answer the door: what to say, what not to say, and – most of all – not to let any strangers into the house. Explain why they shouldn’t talk in public that there’s nobody in the house or that you’re leaving the house unprotected for holidays.

kids safety

Tell your kids where to hide and where not to hide their extra key. Kids are never too young to teach them about home security. You can make it fun – let them find the keys, try to open and close the door lock, or even push the button to arm your home alarm. This not only teaches them how to operate the key and home security systems but also makes a certain routine out of it.

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