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January 31, 2023

What you need to know about door closers.

A door closer is a mechanical-hydraulic accessory that uses the force applied to open the door to slowly close it. The energy generated during door opening is transferred to the spring, which in turn gradually closes the door without causing it to slam.

Not surprisingly, a door closer can make using the door more comfortable. It will work especially in places with high traffic, where the door is opened and closed many times a day. Door closers are most often used in public buildings, such as hospitals or offices, and in staircases, although they are increasingly used in residential buildings.


door closer

Safety and cost-effectiveness

A door closer ensures that the door returns to a closed position where it can offer protection from fire – this is why it is often required by safety regulations to have door closers installed in public or high occupancy buildings. There are several door closer systems on the market to suit different building requirements when it comes to fire safety. Contact your local locksmith to find out which door closers are CE marked to BS EN1154, which demonstrates that the product has been subjected to a fire test and is mechanically faultless.  

The other major benefit of door closers is their impact on minimising heat loss and reducing heating costs. 

Types of door closers

Depending on your budget and security needs, there is a variety of door closers available on the market. These include adjustable spring door closers which give you the possibility of adjustment of the pace and force of closing the door. They can also be equipped with an anti-wind function, thanks to which the hinges will not be damaged when a strong gust of wind hits them.

Choosing a door closer for the entrance door, it’s worth remembering that the main door is usually heavier and more massive than the others, therefore the door closer must be a robust one. It also should be adapted to fire and anti-burglary systems. However, if you have sliding doors, a door closer must be fixed on a special guide, both as it comes to internal sliding doors and wardrobes. In the case of glass doors, which are particularly fragile, you should choose a mechanism which works particularly slowly.

Additionally, you can choose between automatic door closers, cam action door closers (which enable a door to be opened using a low amount of force), electromagnetic door closers and more. 

Some door closers can be linked to the fire alarm to provide free access while also closing a door in the event of a fire.

How to choose the right door closer?

When choosing a door closer, pay attention to the dimensions, weight and door material as accessories for wooden and glass doors have different properties. Also, consider the opening angle and the method of installation. Door closers can be surface-mounted or hidden (in the frame, for example). 

Contact your local locksmith services to find out which door closer will be best for your doors. A professional locksmith will help you choose the door closer type and model that meets the security requirements of your building, be it residential or commercial.

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