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April 30, 2022

Where to keep your spare key

If you hide your spare key under a doormat, you are pretty much inviting burglars into your property.

Keeping it on the doorpost, under a garden statue, under a flower pot, or under a fake rock, also puts your home security at serious risk.

Worst places to hide your key

Everyone who has ever been locked out knows the importance of a spare key. Not to mention situations when you need to leave the key for a relative or anybody else coming over when you’re away, as well as emergencies when someone in the house is unable to open it from the inside.

However, leaving your key in one of the most obvious spots is not necessarily a good idea. A fake rock in the middle of your lawn is the first spot the burglar is going to check. If you think that your spare key is safe with you – for example kept in the wallet – you are mistaken. If you lose the wallet along with the key and a document which includes your address, the thief will get an all-in-one set to get into your house.

Of course, you can go for some slightly more sophisticated options, such as hiding the key under a loose brick in your walkway, in the birdhouse (the birds are not going to enjoy it), in your barbecue grill, or inside a child’s toy. However, hiding your stuff in none of these spots remains an unsolvable puzzle to an experienced burglar.

How to protect your keys

Sometimes it’s worth learning from professionals – have you noticed an Airbnb owner leaving the key to a property under a fake rock? Rarely. They usually use a keysafe which seems to be a far better idea and doesn’t cost much. Sure, it’s probably more costly than a fake rock (unless it is not), but your security is worth the difference. You can also go for an ordinary small keysafe or key hider/magnetic key holder.

Of course, remember that the keys should not be signed in any way – at least not directly.

So, where exactly should you hide the keysafe* to make it safe? Well, burglars are certainly not very fond of dogs which is why a dog house is considered a relatively safe spot, provided there is actually a dog at your property.

Alternatively, you can keep the box under your porch. However, as it comes to safety, your neighbours are always your best allies and you can keep the spare key lock box at their property if you trust them enough. It may turn out inconvenient, but if you only need your spare key from time to time, or if the neighbour keeps the keysafe in an easily accessible (for you, not for the thief!) place outside, it is a perfect option to secure your spare key.

Some keys should not be kept in a safe or a keysafe – these are the keys to the safe or to the keysafe itself.

If you need a spare key, your local locksmith will be able to cut one for you immediately. Just get in touch with the nearest professional locksmith services to get spare keys for emergencies or just for your peace of mind.

KEYSAFE – a small box with a button or dials (= moving parts) that allow you to enter a particular series of numbers in order to open the box and get the keys kept inside


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